Friday, March 1, 2013

Another 20 miles in large circles...

It worked out better to get my long run done today
instead of Saturday this week- so that's what I did.

Thanks to those of you that informed me that running in the 
outside lane at the oval definitely adds some distance :).
According to my very scientific calculations,
last Saturday's 20 miler was probably closer to 22 miles.

I was then able to determine that I probably only needed
to run 70 laps in order to get to approximately 20 miles.
Yes, that says 72 laps.
We walked an additional lap after we finished-
then I had to push the lap button again to get a picture.

I use my Garmin to keep track of how many laps I have gone,
but it is otherwise useless while running inside.
It will connect to the satellite and then lose the signal randomly.  
Even when it finds a signal, the info is way off... as you can see here:

Average pace of that lap at the top was 50 min/mile?
That's a sloooow mile.
Then it gets really random... 4:36 min/mile average for one lap?
No way I will ever run a lap at that pace.
Unless I really am just super fast and didn't know it until today.

Anyway- feels good to have two 20 milers done.
We have some warmer weather coming our way
AND it's getting lighter earlier, so I hope to get two more
20's done outside before it's time to taper.

In random, kids are fun stories...
we pulled up to a gas station the other day and my kids all said
"Mom, look!  Why is there a phone outside??"
Even I was surprised to see it.

I remember taking change to the mall so I could
call my mom when I wanted to come home.

How the world has changed.


Amy N. said...

GPS is useless even when you run on a track outside. I wasted a lot of speed workouts thinking I was rocking them because I was going according to GPS distance only to find out months later just how inaccurate it really is.

susette said...

Good work again!!
Sorry to inform you Daylight Savings is coming on March 10th and then it will be dark again in the mornings. More light at night though! Yay!!

Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny said...

Running 20 miles feels like a life time ago instead of six months ago. I can't run more then a block without issues so please run a few miles for me. :) Happy Birthday as well. My husband uses pillowcases to wrap presents in! I may not be blogging but I am reading!

..:danielle:.. said...


Mommy Run Fast said...

You are one tough mama! I can't image running in circles to get a 20 miler in... impressive! Haha- love the pay phone. I can't remember the last time I've seen one!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Wow! That's a lot of laps! That's great! (Just thought I'd let you know I found your blog because of your race countdown gadgets - since I know that I like to know that kind of info!)