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Utah Valley Marathon- Check!

Marathon #2- all finished!
Thank you, Utah Valley for a great race!
I felt really good this time and loved this race! No walking except at aid stations (all of them)… and one potty break at mile 9. Luckily not the bad kind, so only a minute or so lost. ANDI beat my first marathon time by over 9 minutes!!
Not my favorite medal- but oh well.It’s MINE!  Hahaha!

Mark neglected to read my last post.I know, right? So he was unaware of my race outfit decision.
But they saw me this time-and, even better, I saw THEM. It was so nice to see them all right before I finished.Gave me a little boost…
to book it past the people around me- take that!
Mark got this awesome picture…

If you click on the picture, you might be able to see me… the pink butt way up by the finish line. Yes, those ARE the only 2 pictures I have from this race.
I actually feel okay, too.
Considering, ya know… that I ran a good long ways. My shoes messed up my feet- and I figured this might happen.Just a tad too small. Some blisters but not too bad.
I felt one burst open right after the aid station at mile 24. Didn’t feel great- but then it got better.
Now I am sitting on my bed while the husband goesto get me some dinner. What a good guy he is :).
Just half marathons for the summer!No more marathons until October!I think I could totally BQ in St. George.
At 3:40, that is. Too bad the qualifying times will have changed by then.Boo!

Oh well, maybe when I’m 40.