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The non-training plan…

I’m so glad I did these 2 marathons. I’m proud of what I have accomplished.I’m also glad that they are OVER! My training plan this week? To not have one.
Run when I feel like it… however far I feel like running. No Garmin, just running.(Inspired by Jen – thanks for that post!)  

Shift the focus from “marathon training”to running because I just love doing it.

Of course, I won’t be running for a couple of days…until my legs let me know that they are ready for it :).

I’m a little sad that I didn’t remember to get picturesat the Utah Valley Marathon. Maybe there will be a good one I can buy.

Until then- there’s this:
My kids watching some ceiling TV at the dentist…

Man, good thing I didn’t know what I wasmissing when I was a kid. 

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