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Holey toenails…

This post is a little gross- be warned. No disgusting pictures, though. Except my toes. That’s bad enough.
So, remember how I said that the shoes I worefor the marathon were a tiny bit too small? They were. They were actually my size, but I should have gone a half size bigger. I knew this might be the case, yet still wore them. Yes, I am a beginner- can you tell? I keep learning 🙂
Around mile 18 my toenails started hurting. Not unbearable- but somewhat painful. I knew that those nails on my big toes weren’t gonna survive. Sad. Two days later, still VERY painful. They were all puffy, super swollen and throbbing.

I did some Googling on the subject….
AND yesterday I burned/poked holes in my toenails. Oh yes, I did.

I’m sorry for the gross foot picture.I hate feet. Still- see that hole there? It was really awesome. A bunch of blood, etc came out. All day. Yuck.
It didn’t hurt and they feel SO much better today. Now they are all triple antibiotic-ed, anti-fungal-ed and bandaged.Just waiting for the day that my nails depart.
Really excited about having no toenails :P.