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Minty fresh…

Today was the first day since the marathon that I actually felt like running. It always seems to take me a few days to get back into it.
BUT- I didn’t get up and go.My toenails are still a little sore and tender-enough that I’m sure it will hurt to run. Wimp.
Tomorrow!  It will happen.
Moving on!
So- I failed to mention my marathon saving grace. What I believe it to be, at least.  

 I went down to this marathon with a friend- Kristin. On the way down, she mentioned that a friend of herssucks on Lifesavers during marathons/long runs.
Well, I usually chew gum and recently started with tic tacs. I have bitten my tongue right a the beginning of allbut ONE race because of the gum chewing.I have chewing problems. So I have sworn off the gum.Tic tacs are just gone too quickly.
We went to Smith’s the night before the raceand I decided to give the Lifesavers a try.

Holy cow, the best decision EVER. I stuck them in a sandwich bag and pinned itinside of my shorts- on the side.
Anytime I wasn’t drinking at an aid stationor taking a gel- I was sucking on a Lifesaver.
Literally a lifesaver, those Lifesavers. At least in my head they are.
It could all be in my head, but isn’t a big partof running a marathon mental anyway??
So Lifesavers will be accompanying me on my racesand longs runs until I decide otherwise!

Yeah- these are sugar free mints.
Not sure why I feel they helped me…
but I do!