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Last night we had some errands to run. Library, Home Depot, Walmart… some dinner.
I made us ALL go into Walmart because I needed Mark’s help in selecting the right color of foundation makeup.
I know- I’m 31 and should know how to do this.I just can’t seem to buy the correct color the first time.
Anywho- yeah… 2 adults and 5 little kids in Walmart.I don’t like to spend a lot of time inside Walmart alone.Let alone with 5 kids- in the makeup section.
We gave our 2 year old boy a sucker right before we went in the store.Apparently it was a sucker made of caffeine and speed.(disguised as a Blow-Pop).Not a thing in the store went untouched by that kid.
FINALLY we got to the Express Checkout lane.Little boy child decided it would be fun to frog hop onto the bruised and damaged big toe on my right foot.(toes are still sad from that marathon stuff). Ouch!
As I attempted to do this:

little boy jumped off of that toe onto the other one.
Then slipped and fell on that same toe with his bony baby butt.
Downside to being potty-trained.  No padded backside.

Says I.

Blood and stuff coming out from under the
toenail on my left big toe.

I think taking a full week off from running is a good idea.
Everything is always better on Monday.

All works out because I forgot I had to take little
5 year old toothless to the dentist bright and early this morning.

She had to be sedated so that they could
pull out 2 more teeth on top.
Some pretty awesome ‘loopy, sedated child’ videos were taken.
I can’t get them to load-
but here are some still shots pulled form the video:

It was like having a newborn- she couldn’t control her head
or really much of her body.
She could give me some seriously goofy smiles, though :). 

A few fun comments from our girl include:
I love the world!

I want to go in the (fish) tank! 

I love flying!
Why do I feel so silly?  

I want to swim with the fishes!

I love the dentist!

Why can’t I walk? 

I’m falling!

I love teeth. 

I want to run to Chloe’s!
Sedated children are funny.