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Everything gets better after 4 miles…

Look at me- getting up at 4am to run.Yeah, I’m dedicated. Except I feel oh so tired now- and it’s not even 8am. Tradeoffs.
Still, I did my 11 miles. 4 miles on my own.6 with the neighborhood ladies.1 more on my own. The first 4 felt hard and my lungs felt tight. But it got better. It always gets better after 4 miles.Just get those first 4 done, the rest will be fine.
Done by around 6:15. A good days work, I’d say. Time to sleep the day away. Ah, but I dream ;).
I remember college and randomly sleeping off and on all day. Those memories will have to suffice. Because apparently I’m expected to productivelyfinish off the rest of this Tuesday… dressed and out of bed :).
Here we go- I’m up!
Miles Scheduled:11
Miles Ran:11.15