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Virtual 5k…

I did my FIRST virtual race this morning.A 5k… at 4:30 in the morning.The husband leaving at 5:15am is awesome.
I almost didn’t even do it because I am experiencing my monthly sinus infection.
However, I get them so often that I may as well deal with it!
The first of 4 virtual 5k’s in the MRTT Virtual Insanity Race Series

Have I mentioned before that I don’t like 5k’s?
Because I don’t.
I have a hard time starting out that fast.

Did it anyway- in my fastest 5k time yet!

 Yes, this was only my 2nd timed 5k.
I feel weird talking like this was a race- considering I was alone ;).

I did have a race bib:

Man, I look cute at 5am after running 3.1 miles.
It was 74 degrees- gross.

Look at that- here’s me running!

Did I not mention that I did the whole 3.1 miles on my front porch?
Just running back and forth.
Okay, maybe this is a (badly) posed picture.
I don’t actually run with my hands in fists-ready to punch anyone who messes with me.
Maybe I should, though.
Something to consider.