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Run, Dirty Girl…

and run we did!A nice dirty run. The Kiss Me Dirty race was this past weekendand it was so much fun! Definitely would do it again.
Here come all the pictures!
Little boy man wanted to be a Dirty Girl, too- but  Dad said no 😉

Here’s our Girls Gone Dirty team… ready to start-

Obviously my years of watching America’s Next Top Model have not improved my posing abilities. Sad.
And we’re off…

The course was 2 laps- total of 4 miles. Mark could only really get pictures of me at the end. There were some muddy, muddy tires to jump/run through… some hay bales to jump… some walls to climb… and some nets to climb under-which had nothing but muddy grossness underneath. Good times :).
Coming into the finish…

Diving through the foam at the end-turned out not to be the best idea…

It was a little rough- not exactly a slip and slide ;).
You had to work to get good and dirty- and we did!

For some reason, this girl of mine didn’t want a hug! Weird, huh?

Mark did, though… can’t you tell?

Yay team Girls Gone Dirty!

That’s how it’s done.
And this is how we get cleaned off…

for a 12 hour drive to Oregon.
Yes, I was a dirty girl all day long… in the car.Fun for Mark :).