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Foot Traffic Flat Half and a sad broken computer…

We went to Oregon for the 4th of Julyand just got back this past Monday- late late.
Unfortunately, my old faithful laptop crapped out on me. Sad, sad day.
No computer for many, many days. I had something like 600+ blog posts in my google reader.
So here I sit- in the basement I rarely venture down into… (not sure why- it’s finished and everything)using the desktop that refuses to print- among other things.
Moving on!
I did the Foot Traffic Flat half marathon with the lovely Lisa out on Sauvie’s Island in Portland.
Can I just say that I loved this race? It was pretty much entirely flat and beautiful. I managed a PR on this course- by nearly 5 minutes… and I felt great- like I could have gone a little faster :).
 Getting to do a race with Lisa just made it that much better! Here we are- ready to run, obviously 😉

These are all awesome cell phone pictures, by the way. AND my photo editing software is on my dead laptop and I’m too lazy to install it on crappy desktop here.
Me running…

Seeing pictures of myself running pretty much always makes me sad.I look like I’m about to fall over. Don’t even get me started on what I’m doing with my hands.
With my medal and fresh strawberry shortcake…

In case I didn’t mention it- I loved this race. Perfect weather, a great course and a Lisa!
Doesn’t get much better than that. I wish I lived in Oregon (for many reasons) so I could do it every year!