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Old lady hip…

This laptop breaking down thing is messing with my life! It’s making blogging a little scarce. I’m way behind on my blog stalking, too. No good at all.
That and I think I am now 60 years old and need a hip replacement. Okay, probably not.I’m having some sort of hip issue, though. My right hip hurt a whole lot after the Foot Traffic Flat. It got better after a day or two-
but it comes back every time I run now.
Didn’t stop me from doing the Legacy Midnight Run Half-but it did slow me down.(more on that to come!)
I’m going to the doctor on Wednesday to see what the whatis going on with grandma hip here. Hoping that it’s something that will fix itself sooner than later.
Still 2 races left this year… Hobble Creek Half in August and St. George Marathon in October.Not to mention the big Goofy in January! No time for injury! Please be nice, hip.
I’ll teach my kids to properly massage my feet while I wait.
I’m still working on the girlsbut the boys were very helpful today

Yes, our small boy man doesn’t wear clothes anymore.
He’s making a statement of independence, I suppose.
We want to support our children in their chosen paths.

Not really.
He just always shows up in front of me in only his underwear.
We’re working on it.