Moms Gone Running Uncategorized Not much going on here…

Not much going on here…

I feel like I don’t have much to say on here. Well, not anything NEW :).
I realize that I basically did the same post 3 days in a row. The ones where I complained about how sore I wasand how terrible and wonderful I am finding spin class to be. (seriously, I just LOVE it.)
Nothing much else to write about, though. This injury is making me boring. Sad. I could write about the 65 minute elliptical session I did yesterday… on the ‘Performance’ setting- which means HILLS. That sucked a little bit- but in a good way.
Not interesting, I know.See?  Boring.
Here’s some exciting! Exciting for me, that is.
I am going to do BodyPump again tomorrow morning. That’s not the exciting (to me) part.After that I think I will try a little running.
Just a little bit… to test out this broken leg of mine. See how it feels.I’m jazzed to do some running again.I’ve missed it so.
Crossing my fingers that everything feels good.
Proposed Weekly Workout Schedule:(if no pain at all in my hip/femur)

Monday:  BodyPump in the AM, a mile or 2, Spin in the evening

Tuesday:  Run a few miles in the morning- maybe elliptical in the evening

Wednesday:  Run a few miles, Spin in the evening

Thursday:  Run in the AM, Volleyball in the evening

Friday:  Spin in the morning

Saturday:  Run in the morning

Sunday:  Nothing, nothing at all