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Kiss St. George goodbye…

ran a little at the gym last night before spin class.It felt okay.Not great.
I had to know for sure. So I went out and ran 2 miles this morning.
Bad news.Painful and sad. I clearly need additional time off from running.
My delusional brain was hopeful that things would heal quickly. Otherwise, how would I get trained in time for St. George?
I got my answer today.I will NOT be trained in time for St. George.Unless I want to make things a whole lot worse for me. Thus making Disney impossible (to run, at least).
I know it’s not the end of the world. I have lots of years left to run St. George- and many other races. Still, I’m sad.(not only because I paid all that money that I can’t get back!)
I want to run!I want to run when and where I want to!
Too bad, says my body.I have some choice words that I will share with my body when we are alone. For now, I will continue with my new love of spinning… and try to build up more muscle strength in my hip/upper thigh.
Maybe feel sorry for myself just a little. That’s acceptable, right?Just a little bit.
Luckily I have funny kids to keep me happy.I found this wonderful photo on my phone this morning…

My 4 year old is obviously going to a famous photographer.Natural self-portrait abilities.
Also, a foot photographing genius…