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Shredding, spinning, stairs and sliding…

My butt is sore.
Yesterday the husband worked 16+ hours.
Which means he was gone from 6:30am until 12:30AM.

I did run those 2 horrible, reality facing miles.
Other than that, I had no time to go to the gym- with 5 kids and all.

So I decided to do some 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels.
 I got the DVD for 6 bucks at Walmart, so I figured I should use it.
It was actually reasonably challenging.

However, I had some helpers
 that pretty much took over my entire workout space:

This is why I can’t really get much exercising done at home ;).
(please ignore my terrible voice in the background) 

Anyhow- I don’t remember a specific exercise on the DVD
that really worked my glutes- aka: butt muscles.
Something did, though.
Man alive.

Then I did an early morning spin class
before heading to the water park with the husband and kids.

This includes much hiking of lots and lots of stairs
so that we can slide down big waterslides.

may or may not have been grunting and moaning as small children
stared at me as though I were insane.
Believe what you will. 
So yeah- my butt hurts.That is the story of the day.It was a good one, I know.

AND now for something more interesting:

If you don’t read Shut Up And Run, well you should-
but definitely check out THIS POST.

The husband and I laughed and laughed.
Yes, we are easily amused- but it’s still funny :).