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I’m boring without running- also some laundry…

I like blogging.It’s fun.
I don’t like when I have nothing to BLOG ABOUT. Not like I ever blogged about anything that interesting :).
How many more times can I use the word “blog” before it gets really annoying. Too late? Okay, I’m done.
It’s super exciting to hear about going to the gym, right? Cuz that’s all I’ve got. That and I need to get back to eating healthier… and less.I started eating a LOT more while I was training for the marathons.
As I am NOT currently training for a marathon-not running at all, even-I should not be eating like I’m running 45 miles a week. So I hear… from my scale and my stomach.
Luckily I read blogs-(AH, I done wrote it again) Blogs that inspire me and give me healthy eating ideas.
That’s good. 
Moving on. I wish my gym had a spin class every day. They don’t have any on Tuesday or Thursday. Which means that I am banished to the elliptical on those days. An hour on the elliptical takes forever- in my head, at least. I only make it through THAT when I use the ones with TV screens. But there is NOTHING on at 6am except news and infomercials. News is good- but only for so long .Then it gets me a little depressed.
So, that sucks.This post is totally rad. By rad, I mean random and dull :).
Ha!  See what I did there?
yes, I AM that cool. 
Why not make it MORE rad…and show why having kids is awesome.

Making them do things I don’t feel like doing. Like switching the laundry.
I milk this while they still like doing it. I know it won’t last.

Someone please tell me how I am going to convincemy 3 year old to wear CLOTHES again once summer is over.He lives in his “wim suit”– rotating the 2 pair he has. He won’t keep a shirt on at home.I have to really reason with him to keep it on in public. Reasoning with a 3 year old is just a good time.
If you see pictures on here at Christmas time with a partially dressed 3 year old boy, you will know why.I will at least make him wear boots when he plays in the snow.