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I guess I can…

leave well enough alone, that is.
I won’t lie.I seriously considered doing the Hobble Creek Half tomorrow.
It’s been a long ol’ 4 weeks since my diagnosis. I only vaguely remember the doc telling me to start out slowly. Maybe that means it didn’t really happen. 
I mean, really- if my hip/femur doesn’t hurt running 2 milessurely that means I can run 13.1 miles
Ah, delusion.
Luckily a conflict occurred that means I can’t run it even if I wanted to. Which makes it easier for me to think clearly-thus helping me realize that I am borderline ridiculouswith a femur death wish.
Doesn’t the possibility of fully cracking my femoral neck in half sound amazing? Why would I even take that risk?To not have wasted the $48 I paid for this race? Not worth it, I suppose. 
See, I’m right on top of stuff.
I don’t know why the husband calls me an “irrational runner”.
Whatever, man.
Seriously, though. I AM going to take it slow. Keep running a little at a time, see the doc again… then start out on an easy marathon plan to prepare for Disney! Only 4.5 months to go!!