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Morning vs. Evening…

When I run in the evening, the injury doesn’t hurt-but it does kinda hurt when I run in the morning. It doesn’t hurt a lot and it doesn’t hurt after I’m done…so maybe it’s just cuz my muscles are tighter first thing in the morning.I don’t usually stretch BEFORE running- just after. Perhaps I should stretch before.
So, I missed the Hobble Creek Half Saturday morning. I actually wasn’t that sad- mostly I forgot it was going on.It’s over and that money is officially gone ;). It meant I didn’t have to get up at 3:30 on a Saturday morning– that’s nice.I got up at 5:30 am  instead. I was hanging out on the elliptical instead of running. 
I went about creating my marathon training plan last night.I took some different plans I found online- combined and altered them…to make the plan that I wanted. It was a surprising good time. I’m a running nerd.It took me a while and I had way too much fun doing it. Now I just have to be able to run more than 3 miles with no pain. The plan conveniently starts a few days after I see the doctor again.Let’s all cross our fingers!  Plan for the week: Monday:  BodyPump- am, Spin class- pmTuesday:  30 day Shred w/ Jillian- level 1 & 2Wednesday:  run up to 3 miles, SpinThursday:  Run 2-3 miles, ellipticalFriday:  Run 2 miles, SpinSaturday:  Run 2-3 miles, ellipticalSunday:  Rest
All running will be based on pain level. By that I mean, any pain=stop running
Last week before the kids go back to school! Must figure out some fun things to do!