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Vegetables or cheese crackers…

I have no problem exercising. I like to get a good workout in as many days of the week that I can.Even with this blasted stress fracture-I find a way.
Now I’ve got to work on the eating healthy-let’s make that healthIER. I really don’t eat that unhealthily… BUT I read all these running/fitness blogs and see howeveryone eats so well ALL the time. That hasn’t entirely clicked in with me yet.Working on it ;). 
What needs work is my snack choices
Some nice vegetables instead of a handful of cheez-its. Yeah- turns out cheese crackers… not good for you. (Yes, I am 5 and eat goldfish crackers.) 
So, this having a garden in my backyard thing is helpful to me. I have a big ol’ bowl of these guys:

Very helpful for those times when I feel like I need to eat a little something.It makes me feel good when I choose something healthy over the alternatives.
So yeah-my first day of trying to be a healthier eater was a success! Lunch was a whole head of cauliflower.It wasn’t a giant head- but I still ate it all.
roasted it in the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper

It was so, so very tasty.I ate it all and wanted more.My kids conveniently didn’t like it- yay, more for me! 
Good day.
Workout Round-up for today:
1 hour BodyPump- 5:30amRan 2.5 miles after BodyPump1 hour Spin class- 6:30pm
I feel ready for bed.
Any good tips or suggestions for healthy snacking??Give it to me! 
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