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Donuts ruin everything…

or is it doughnuts? A quick google search reveals:nobody cares either way.
So I did so good eating healthy today. A nice omelet for breakfast- one egg, 2 egg whites and tomato. A salad w/ a little leftover shredded pork and bbq sauce for lunch.
Then the husband brought this home:

We’ll just not talk about the fact that I told him to. Better to just blame it on him.It’s my blog.I do what I want.
At least it was just one ;). It could have been worse.
I did some 30 Day Shred… with children.Lots of sweat- so hopefully I almost burned off the calories I consumed with that donut. The delicious devil donut.
Tomorrow will be a better day. Until 3 o’clock rolls around and the sugar cravings start. Seriously- what do you do about that?