Moms Gone Running Uncategorized ah, the good life…

ah, the good life…

It’s been a whole 5 days!I’m still alive- alive and well.
The crazy has begun here at our house. School started

My big 3rd and 2nd graders. I’m glad they love school- makes it much easier.
Number 3 child starts Kindergarten next week. The 4th one started preschool today- but I spaced the picture taking. They took away our buses, so lots of driving to the school is going on. That and soccer season has come- with dance classes starting next week.
I like getting back on a schedule.It works better for my brain. Things get a little out of control during the summer months-now we can get back on track :).
I’ve still been getting the workouts on. I ran a whole 3.2 miles on Monday– yay! The furthest I’ve gone since the injury.It felt really good- no pain.
Today I ran 2.5 miles and then did a one hour spin class. It was challenging and very, very sweaty. The husband LOVES when I take his car to the gym… then get soaking wet with sweat and make his car smell really awesome. I like to share… my natural scent.Musty.