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Good news day…

Today my entire workout will be volleyball. That’s it, y’all. Deal with it. 
Mr. Sports Medicine Doctor says I can run again! Kind of… not exactly.
He gave me a list of “steps” to build myself back up.The first step says “Walk 1 mile”.I laughed out loud. I guess I’m a little ahead of myself ;).
He said I can skip the first couple of steps- phew. According to this plan, I am going to be doing a lot of walk/joggingfor the next 2 weeks… supposably. (Did they go to the zoo?)
 I THINK I will just ease a little more slow jogging into my schedule.I’ve already been doing that, so I’ll stick with it. Slow and steady. I should be able to start into my marathon training plan in the next few weeks! 
Also, Dr. man told me I have a strong butt.Hmmm.