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Running and it feels so good…

So I totally got up at 4:50 in the morning to run! Oh yes, I did.
haven’t ran in over a week in an attempt to rid myself of the sickness.It was time.
I was able to run 3.4 miles with the girls before I had to make a pit stop at home. I found them ‘after’ and did another mile. Then I felt so good that I did another 3 miles!
7.2 miles done!
It just felt right. I did have to suck on cough drops the whole time, but still worth it.
I’m thinking this means that I can get back on track with the training.
Of course, last time I ran it was 60 degrees outside at 5:10am.
This morning it was not even 40 degrees. No gradual temperature changes here in Utah. So much fun.
Now for a random picture from my phone! My kids have progressed in their photography skills. They are now using the photo effects: