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Think it through, buddy…

Since I didn’t get my long run done on Saturday, I made plans in my head to do it Monday (that’s today).
Less than 2 weeks until the Halloween Halfand the furthest I have ran since September is 7.5 miles. Dumb Bronchitis.The furthest I have ran since JULY is 10 MILES. Dumb stress fracture.  So I wanted to get in a good 10-13 miles before the race.Yes, I gave myself a large range- it’s better for me :).
The plan sounded great until the time arrived. That time being 4:05 am.
I ran 4 miles alone, all alone. Then 6 miles with the running girls. Then 3.2 miles on my own again.

13.2 miles total 

I even tried to run it slowly. Go me! Those neighborhood ladies are too fast, though :).
Turns out that I’m a big wimp. I can still remember back in June when 13 miles seemed short. Oh, how the times have changed. It really wasn’t too bad.
It didn’t feel too hard, but I was glad when it was over!
NOW, however- a different story.
I feel like a very tired death… but in a good “I just ran 13 miles” sort of way. It doesn’t help that a monthly friend came to visit at 2am. Not cool. Yes, sometimes I share too much.
Now I think I will lay in my bed all day doing nothing.
Oh. Wait.It’s not Saturday? It’s Monday? It’s not just me here? My kids need to go to school? There’s a bunch of stuff that I have to do? Gah. 
This is why we do long runs on weekends, dang it. The best laid plans…
I do have a power nap scheduled from 2-2:30. It should be great.————————————————————————————————Yes, I know lots of people get up and run lots of miles… and then go to work all day. What can I say?I’m a complainer :).