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2 more… then 2 more again…

Saturday Workout:
10 miles8:37 pace
My legs felt so good after my 18 miler on Thanksgiving.I am definitely a believer in the ice bath!
I thought I might run yesterday (Friday)-but I opted for some early morning sock shopping. Yes, socks.I know how to party on Black Friday, what can I say.I went with a friend and we got to the store 10 minutes after it opened,got what we wanted to get, got in line and got out of there. Not bad at all.
Then I went home, cleaned up a bit and went to a movie with the husband. Thanks to Grandma Judy for being the best babysitter ever!
I think I ate worse the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Thus, I had to get up and get a good run in today. It was a nice, chilly, no-stress run.I aimed for six… then I stopped at home to use the restroom and decided to go for 8. Then I was at 8.17 when I got back home. Well, I can’t stop at a random place like 8.17! So I just did the loop again until I got to 10.
Woohoo! It feels like it took a while, but I finally feel like my bodyis getting back to where it was before the injury. I am having many more days where I feel like I want to just keep running.I like that. AND- I had my first 40+ mile week.46 miles!

Now it’s time for some Christmas decorating!

I just love Christmas.