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Evening slacker…

I am a morning runner. That’s just how it is.I do better and am much more likely to get my run DONEwhen I schedule it in the morning.
Still, sometimes doing an evening run sounds nice. I made plans with a friend to run tonight at 8:30, after kids were in bed.
Of course, that means I became crazy, ridiculously tired at 6:30pm.
At about 8:20pm, my friend and I starting texting regarding our run.It went more or less like this:
Her:  I am freezing cold. Me:  I know what you mean- and I feel unnaturally tired. Her:  Me too!  I am exhausted, but I will go if you want to. Me:  I don’t want to- but I should.  Maybe I can go in the morning.Her:  Well, what do you want to do? Me:  I don’t know.  If you really want to go,  I’ll go.  Otherwise I’ll go tomorrow.Her:  Let’s go tonight!Me:  Ok.  I’m already dressed- may as well go.What I was actually thinking was.CRAP. Dang motivated people making me run.
Monday Workout:8 miles

Okay, so it turns out that I am NOW glad that I went ;).
Isn’t that the way it always goes? Who has ever regretted going for a run?
I am excited today because it’s Cyber Monday… which for us means we are getting a new camera.
Hopefully no more ridiculous phone camera pictures.
Except for the random kid-photography that must be shared.