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Making me move…

Wednesday Workout:10 miles8:15 pace

Well, after I post the other day about how I am a morning runner
now I shall state –  that does NOT mean that it is easy for me to get up early.

There is a lot of
“I can sleep 30 more minutes and just run 4 miles today”
“My bed is soooo warm”
“Running is dumb”
going through my head at 4:50 am.

Today was no different.
Just as any day, though- I’m glad I kicked my butt out of bed.
It was good, I feel good that I did it.
I won’t feel AS guilty eating the snickerdoodle cake that I made yesteday.

The cake I made for no reason other than because I wanted to eat it all.
Okay, now another thing… not related to running.
I think I am finally figuring out Pinterest.
It’s not that I didn’t get how to USE it.
I just didn’t get the obsession/addiction.
I would not say that I am addicted, but I see the appeal now :).

Especially when I find fun awesomeness.
This one is for you, the husband!

I’m guessing that the husband is currently questioningwhether or not I should have access to the internet.Maybe whether I should have access to interacting with people in general.

That’s what you get for leaving me home by myself
with little children and my laptop.
Work… psshhaw.