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Disney World Marathon

Race Recap #2! If you missed the Half Marathon recap, find it HERE.
Sunday: The Disney World Marathon!
So, I woke up with a little soreness/tightness in my right calf. Other than that, I just felt tired.Also a little weirded out that I was about to run 26.2 miles…24 hours after running 13.1 miles.
The good thing about that- we knew what to expect :). Waking up at 3am, riding the bus, the staging area… we had it down! We went straight to the hidden row of port-a-potties with no lines. Such a great find, I tell ya.
Then we joined the slow-moving throng of people and headed out for the 20 minute walk to the start line.
I think marathon runners are either more patient or smarter ;). The herd moved much faster on marathon Sunday. I had plenty of time for another bathroom stop before heading to my corral.

I decided that wasn’t good.I liked it better the day before when I had no time to wait around. By the time the gun went off, I needed to go to the bathroom again.
A nice thing about being in the first corral-no lines for the bathrooms along the course! Which was nice when I made a pit stop at MILE ONE. Yes, mile one- I had to stop. It was quick and for the best.
I definitely felt tired early on. I think around mile 3 I was like “Am I really out here again??”. I did finally get into a groove and things were looking up :).
It took a little longer to get to the parks this time, so I got a little bored. Remember, I didn’t have music for this race.
I thought maybe I would pass up the character photo opsin favor of getting a better time.I was wrong. I couldn’t help myself! I kept seeing characters that my kids would love and I had to stop.
So yeah-I took more pictures during the marathon than during the half. Also, please notice the awesome pose I am doing in each photo. I am cool like that.

Yes, I wore the same outfit both days!
I washed all items in the sink w/ detergent I brought from home.

Alice and the Mad Hatter!


 Mary Poppins!

 Cinderella and the fam!

I had to make a pit stop again at mile 13 or 14. The monthly friend that came a-callin’ was no help. Seriously, too much information- I know.It played a part in the race, so it wouldn’t be a true recap if I didn’t share 😉
That stop probably cost 2-3 minutes or so. Not my favorite thing, but what can ya do?
It was nice to be able to run through all 4 parks during the marathon.It kinda kept things moving along. Since my iPod went bye-bye, I needed distractions.
Still, I started to get tired. Mile 17-20 were me telling myself to pull it together. I grabbed some Bio-Freeze at mile 20 and started to feel better. I got my second wind after that- miles 20-23 or so. I felt good and calculated that, even with the pit stops… and the 11+ character photo stops… I could still get under 4 hours if I could just bust a move.
So that’s what I decided to do. Which was great and all- except I think that the pressuremade me get all grumpy and ticked off. It could have been the 23 miles I had already ran, though. Who knows.Whatever the reason- I was not a happy camper the last 3.2 miles.I was not appreciative of all the “You’re almost there!” yells. Or the “Only 3 miles left!” screams of encouragement.I really wanted to throw things. Not nice, I know. I very much appreciated all the spectators up until that point. I just lost my mind.
It started to get warmer and those last 3 miles felt killer. But I pushed it.
I have never EVER been so happy to see a finish line! NEVER ever been so happy to have something be DONE!

I did it!3:58:49

Again, no PR attempt here- but I was happy!
Made the grumpy last 3.2 miles worth it, All the mean thoughts towards people “in my way”. Worth it. The grumpies went away as soon as I crossed that finish line. I am sorry, people in my way. I didn’t mean it. I was just in a bad place ;).
I thought this was a very, very well ran race. The aid stations were great. The finish area was very good and easy to get through. The bag pick-up area was the best I’ve ever seen. So quick. Amazing volunteers. Again, it was pretty crowded the whole way…but 20,000+ marathon runners will do that.
Let’s not forget the medals. Best medals ever!

I am so glad that I went Goofy! Not that I would EVER do that again :).
I went back to the hotel afterwards, attempted an ice bath-showered and didn’t move for a while.
We ventured out to the Magic Kingdom that nightand then spent the next couple of days being tourists. I had so much fun checking out the parks with Lisa. More on that to come!