Moms Gone Running Uncategorized A little Disney fun after the crazy…

A little Disney fun after the crazy…

First things first…
Saturday’s Run:12 milesThe first run since Goofy.
12 “easy” miles that sure didn’t feel easy!
All the soreness was gone a couple days after the marathon…
but man did my legs feel stiff during the run today.

 Now, on to the good stuff!
I have literally ONE picture of Lisa and I from our Disney World trip.Together, that is. I have many, many weird pictures of just me.
I’m a little sad that I didn’t force Lisa to join me in more pictures.
Speaking of Lisa– I failed to mention that she did AWESOME on her races and is now completely GOOFY, too! Yay us!
Turns out 2 races in one weekend is tough-but there was still lots o’ Disney fun left to be had!
After the marathon on Sunday, Lisa and I were not so much 
feeling the urge to wander around Disney World. Well, our legs weren’t loving the idea…but we knew we only had so much time there in Orlando.
So, we slow walked our way to the Magic Kingdom!

The lines were not too badand we had a great time going on all the fun Magic Kingdom rides. This park is conveniently similar in set-up to Disneyland,so it felt a little familiar and easy to find the rides we wanted.

Turns out I only took those 3 pictures of the Magic Kingdom.I’m a great tourist.
Monday was more slow walking through Hollywood Studios!

I made friends… and made Lisa take pictures of it…

I pretty much made Lisa take awkwardly posed pictures of meall over the place- I think she loved it.

I almost made her take a picture of me with Phineas and Ferb…but I decided to not make Lisa stand aroundas I waited in line with all the little kids. I’m a great sister in law.
We did the rides…

The husband was a little disappointedthat I didn’t LOVE Tower of Terror- but I tried :).
I didn’t last long at the park that day.I wasn’t feeling great and Lisa was nice enough to let us
call it a day a little bit earlier than we had planned.
I wanted to be good and rested… for the next day was bringing us Harry Potter!