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A wizarding world…

**I keep finding ridiculous spelling/grammar errors WAY after originally posting something.  Please forgive my absurdity- I try to proofread but I apparently suck at it.**

On our last full day in Orlando… Universal was on the schedule!

and Islands of Adventure!

Of course that meant a little
Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Well hello there, Hogwarts!

We had a plan.
Head straight towards Harry Potter-land…
check out the rides and shops…
Scope out what we wanted to come back and purchase…
wander around the rest of the Universal Studios…
then make our way back to the Wizarding World to buy our magic items :).

So we bypassed all other areas and set our sights on Hogsmeade

Conveniently situated in the very back.
Great for stretching out my still mildly sore legs.

Me with my new random Hogwarts Express conductor man friend :).

We did a couple of the rides…

(That sign says Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)

The ride that you do inside of Hogwarts was really cool.
Lots of fun- I really liked the Dragon Challenge roller coaster, too.
It had been a long time since I had been on a
really big, feet hanging free kind of roller coaster :).

It was so fun to see all the shops-

Some of the prices were a little shocking to me-
maybe because I’m a cheap-o, but I should’ve expected it.

My 2 oldest wanted “Harry Potter wands”,
so I had to check those out!
They had replicas wands from so many of the characters.
It was really hard to choose.

It took me a few minutes to recognize the restrooms…

“Public Conveniences”
Very proper, I’d say.
Plus, Moaning Myrtle was chatting with me in there.
Can’t beat that.

I took so many random pictures here at Harry Potter World,
I just don’t know what to include and what not to!
I loved these little guys…

And, of course, the Sorting Hat!

Possibly my favorite part…

The (frozen) Butterbeer!

I didn’t know if I would like it.
Maybe TOO much.
So, SO yummy!
(Thanks to Lisa’s wonderful Mom for treating us to our first offical butterbeer!)

I may or may not have had another one when we came back later.
Okay, I did.  I had another one.

We did the rest of the Universal parks, too. One ride in particular where we managed to get ourselvescompletely drenched- and I mean positively soaking. Fun??
I’ll save that for later.