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Do or do not…

I will admit it.I am scared of running when I am sick.
I didn’t used to be.
I am now.Every time I get a bad cold and then run…it seems to turn into bronchitis.
Seriously, 3 times in the past year.I can only find 2 posts about it – HERE and HERE.
I have been sick for the last part of the week.
I am feeling better, but I am not going to push it.Resting until Monday.So pretty much this week really sucked for running.I did my speedwork, but no tempo or long run.

QUESTION!Should I redo this week or just move forward with my training?
Anyhow, I was thinking of doing a short run- my Run For Sherry-but my irrational bronchitis fears were ever present and still crazy.
It will be late, but Monday it shall happen.
Instead we took the kids to lunch and a movie.
Then we made Valentine boxes for the kids to take to school:

The husband was being super helpful back there.I’m sure he was looking up awesome Valentine box ideas on his phone.
Okay, I remember making Valentine boxes/bags AT school. Never at home. This was new for me.I knew saving all those shoe boxes was a good idea!
I am also attempting to make cream of celery soup in the slow cooker. We have a hugely ridiculous amount of celery from our Bountiful Basket.I don’t like celery. So I had to do something with it. I made up my own recipe.It does not look delicious so far:

Kinda looks like someone already ate it.
My kids are gonna love it.