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Loosen up…

I think the back pain is getting better.
It seems to be less sore, loosening up.
Of course, as soon as I realized it was feeling better,I started to plan out a way to get my speedwork done today.
I pulled myself back into reality quickly, though.It’s only a little better and I DO still have that race on Saturday.
I suppose it’s okay to take the smart path once in a while.I have never claimed to be smart :),but I can pretend once in a while, right?
So I will not push it- will NOT attempt to make this pain worse.I want to be able to complete this race on Saturday after all.
No running until Saturday and I will push my training back a week.The world will not end.Life will continue.I will still be able to reach my goals :).(even though it’s easy to convince myself that everything is ruined because of one bad week)Yes, I am overly dramatic.
How did you guess?

The husband loves it.