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It’s time for a comeback…

Running is just that much more exciting when 
coming back from injury, illness…or random, mysterious, ‘dang I’m getting old’ back pain.I am feeling great and ready to run!

I’m jazzed for my 10 mile race tomorrow-
even if I do have to drive 4 hours to get there.(It will complete the Runners Series requirements- St. George marathon, here I come!)
I’ve never done a 10 mile race before-
but it seems like it would be a good, fun racing distance.
I am hoping to add a few more miles on after… for my long run.
Up to 15 miles is my plan.
That means I need to be all fueled up.
I will take and use any excuse to EAT.
Another reason why I love running.
If you’re gonna run, you have to eat.
I definitely take this idea too far.  I’ll work on that ;).

Since all footlong sandwiches at Subway are $5 this month,I let them help me carbo load :).

I don’t even care if this counts as ‘carb loading’.
It was SO good and I am great at pretending .

Little 5 year old girl saw me taking pictures of my food
and decided I must want pictures of myself eating it.

Turns out I do NOT look cute when I am shoving food into my mouth.
Here’s the least offensive evidence of the sandwich devouring:

 oh yes, I ate the whole thing.

Well, this kid helped out a little…

Happy Weekend and Happy Running!