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Not strong enough for bowling…

Today I shall make up for my lack of pictures. Only one has to do with running… and it’s a picture of my watch :).
Yeah, I’m super interesting like that.
I ended up alone for my early morning run. So I decided to just go ahead and do my tempo run.
7 miles-1 mile easy, 5 miles @7:53, 1 mile easy.
Turns out that, like speedwork, my tempo runs should be done later in the day. Not right after waking up.I don’t think my brain/legs/lungs are ready for fast pace at 5am. My legs actually did fine this morning- but my brain and lungs were off.
Not being able to see my watch didn’t help at all.I had to push the button to turn the light on and see my pace.I hate having to do that. However, my brain could not figure out the pace at all.I kept going to fast, which my lungs were not loving.It felt hard, yet I couldn’t get my body to find the correct pace.
Long story still long, I got it done… faster than intended.

The 5 tempo miles were about 7:35 average pace-but they were all over the place.The first mile was 7:16, the third 7:40 and so on, up and down.Yeah, no evenness at all. 

All done, though.
More than I could say last week!

Now on to the awesome pictures of a lot of kids bowling :).
I had a Groupon that I bought last year that was expiring yesterday,
so we headed off right after the kids got out of school.

I clearly need to do some strength training with my ARMS.
My arm and should were tired after one game.
I am THAT wimpy.

I do love bowling with kids, though.
The celebrations just from rolling the ball down the lane-
they make my day.

It was really a whole lot of fun.
It’s a different experience with kids, but in a good way.

Plus, I didn’t do terrible.
That means I didn’t do terrible by my standards.
By MY standards, I did pretty darn good :).

 Yes, 139 is a great score for me when it comes to bowling…
AND I tied with the husband.

(We played a quick second game and I lost all ability to throw a bowling ball even remotely straight.  We’ll just pretend THAT game didn’t happen.  The husband can start his OWN blog if he wants to brag about his bowling scores)