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Kicking the wall…

Today I got up for my 18 miler.
I then hit the wall before I left the house.
Not really – I kicked the wall.I was all ready to go and was about to get my shoes onwhen I, for some reason, decided it would be greatto hit my foot really hard against the bottom of our kitchen island.(I couldn’t recreate the situation if I tried- no idea what I did, really)
It did not feel great.I still put my shoes on and headed out to run with the girls. I made it around the corner in our neighborhood before I bailed. See ya, ladies. What a wimp I am.I only bruised the side of my foot, but it really hurt, I tell ya!I felt super smart.

It started to feel better later on,so I went for a run while oldest boy child was at a b-day party. I made it 10 miles.It was painful, so I felt good about getting that far. Resting it up tomorrow and hoping for Monday to be better.
This means I get to have fun and switch up my long run schedule. Since I was supposed to run 18 todayand next Saturday is 13, I shall switch them.18 miles next Saturday and hopefully 13 this Monday or Tuesday.
That’s the plan, man.
Also… a couple of days ago, my oldest child (he’s 9)came into my room and handed me this book:

 Then he said: “Here mom, I got this book for you from the school library.It needs to be back next Wednesday.  You’re welcome.”
Um, okay.