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Tempo vs the hills…

(spoiler:  the hills won)

I ran this morning… and it was good. Good that I ran, at least. Better than not.I actually wanted to run, so that’s an improvement from last week! I feel ready to take charge of this running thing again.

7 miles – DONE

The Oquirrh Mountain Marathon is exactly 2 months away :S
Time to get a grip and go for it.

I should have found that quote LAST night-
because here come the excuses!
I went out with the intention of doing my tempo run. I changed my mind after mile 2. It was just too hilly, icy and my legs weren’t feeling it.
I really need to drive down into the valley-away from the hills that are my neighborhood-to get my tempo runs in. Tempo-ing up and down hills is no fun for this wimpy runner. Problem is that I don’t feel like driving anywhereat 5 in the morning- and that’s the time I have to run. Dang these kids thinking they should have homework,dinner and be involved in various activities ;). 

Only one and a half more years
and all of my kids will be in elementary school.
Looking forward to having a couple of hours
during the day to run when it is LIGHT outside!