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Doctor, please help me run…

I went and had a little visit with my doctor. After some discussion of what has been happening, he prescribed me this little guy here:

 He said it didn’t sound like allergies. Most likely my numerous bouts with bronchitis last yearset off some exercise-induced asthma. OR…I have always had a mild exercise-induced asthma andthat is what caused all the bronchitis. He also said it could get better, so after a few months, I will try running again without it. See how it goes.
There it is.I took two puffs of the inhaler yesterday evening andmy friend and I went on a run to test it out. I think it definitely helped.
I also needed to get my 10k done for the Spatula Runners Virtual Race!

(I am still working on my photo for the contest, so more pics to come!)
I ended up doing 8 miles,so I stopped at the 10k (6.2 mile) mark to get a picture.In the spirit of “racing” I should take my official watch time:

BUT, we had to stop at a traffic light to wait AND so I could reply to a very important text-I forgot to turn my watch off. I am choosing to not count this against me, so I am using the time off of my friend’s watch :). She DID turn her watch off at the light. Submitted time: 54 minutes and some seconds.
Far from a PR time, but let’s just say I wasn’t pushing it.I’m just glad I could run without feeling like I may pass out.
I later rewarded myself with carrot cake:

I’m going with the “It has carrots, so it’s totally healthy” argument. Plus, it had NO nuts and NO raisins/dates. The only way carrot cake should be. I do NOT like raisin and I don’t like nuts IN things. I like nuts otherwise- except for walnuts. Walnuts are evil.