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Spatula jumping…

16 miles ran today. It was terrible, though- and took forever. So far I don’t think the inhaler is working. It should work right away, right?
I may have jumped the gun a little bit :). That DOES sound like something I would do.
Something just feels off… with this body of mine.
It’s making me extremely frustrated.
On a happier note-I finally got my kids together to do my Spatula Run picture.
I had a whole other idea, but I never could get it together.Even today my oldest was gone at a sleepover. So, here it is… Spatula trampoline jumping!

It was NOT easy to get a good shot.

We started out with me not holding little B-man,
but this is what that resulted in…

A poor little head-over-heels boy.

Guess my giant mom body bounces were too much for him.

Happy Weekend!