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Here I am…

Well, it sure has been a while!
I have had to take a little break from the running thing.
Turns out I don’t have asthma.It also turns out that I am a little slow on figuring stuff out :).
So, I have Hyperthyroid/Grave’s Disease.

(over-active thyroid gland is what it is.) I have had it for some years now.It went into remission, but it has come back. It just took me a (long) while to figure it out. 
It’s not a huge deal-the symptoms are plentiful and kinda suck but are pretty easily managed … once I can get into see my Endocrinologist. I guess there are not enough of them in my area,so they are all booked until June.I did get an appointment in May, so that’s better than June. 
For now I can’t run very far at a time without walking. (hyperthyroid comes with an elevated heart rate- so that’s why I couldn’t breath while running.  My heart rate was getting WAY too high). So my marathon in May is most likely out. The one in June- I’ll just have to see how it all goes.
Terrible timing- because I was just sent these Karhu shoes to test and review….

The nurse I talked to said that I can still RUN, just slowly and with frequent walk breaks to keepmy heart rate from getting too high.So I should be able to try these nifty purple Karhu’s out.
And there it is.Life is fun.