Moms Gone Running Uncategorized She turned 8 and I ran…

She turned 8 and I ran…

Those 2 things are not related, though.
My little Princess H did turn 8…

 I can’t believe my oldest daughter is 8 already!(also can’t believe the husband enjoyed the balloon more than the kids)
We will be having a big party with extended family afterher baptism next weekend, so we kept it simple the day of.
Cake and Presents!

We ordered a cake from our favorite cake artist, Sprinklebelle Cakes for her baptism-so I was just going to make her birthday cake. She really wanted those fake balloons on the store bought cake :). I went with it.
It looks like it was tasty…

 I am not a completely mean, boring mom.Tomorrow we are taking our 5 kidsand 2 of Princess H’s friends SWIMMING.Fun :).
To go along with the fabulous 8’s-I RAN AGAIN!!! 8 whole miles! There was a LOT of walking to keep the ol’ heart rate within range. Thus, it was slow.

My legs muscles feel tired ALL the time, as a side-effect of the whole Grave’s Disease thing…so they felt dead by the end. Still- it felt SO VERY GOOD to be running again!
Thanks to the lovely ladies who suffered through my walk breaks.I am sure it couldn’t have been fun for them. 
I still don’t think I will be able to do my marathon in May-but maybe the one in June!