Moms Gone Running Uncategorized First run- for the husband and the Karhu’s…

First run- for the husband and the Karhu’s…

The husband had his first official training run this morning! He did awesome and I know he just loved it.
See- look at how excited he was to get going…

 He loves getting up at 5:30am. He just doesn’t know it yet.
I also got to try out the Karhu shoes! The Karhu Fulcrum Ride

 They seem to make my feet look huge, but they fit very well. This was my first run in these bad boys.I love how they look and they felt good.
The husband’s training plan starts him at 3 miles-so that’s what we did.

 He really did great, especially with our neighborhood hills.I kept giving him pep talks about how it will get easier.I know he loved that.
I asked if he wanted to make it an even 5k…he said no :).

(early morning runner face is what I have here- not so cute)
Day 1- DONE.
As far as the shoes go, they definitely felt different than myregular running shoes- my legs will have to adjust.The Karhu Fulcrum technology is designed to get you runningon your mid to forefoot…or as it is stated on the Karhu website:
“Our patented fulcrum technology collaborates with the foot to convert a runner’s energy into efficient forward momentum.”
I definitely felt that happening- and I liked it!
I felt like my feet could really breathe
and they didn’t feel heavy at all.Excited to try them out again tomorrow! ____________________________________________________**I was sent a pair of Karhu Fulcrum Ride running shoes to review,free of charge.  All reviews and opinions are my own.Shoe review Info:
RUNNING SHOES: Flow_Fulcrum Ride
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