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The doctor and bone density…

Appointment with the endo doc- done!She gave me the expected info. Take medication or obliterate my thyroid :).
I really don’t love the idea of flopping to a hypothyroid state-FOREVER.taking synthetic hormones FOREVER-so a low does of meds is what I have.
I told her that I changed my diet and felt like it really helped. She said that diet can’t help Grave’s Disease.Of course.I’m not saying that it definitely can-but that it definitely CAN’T seems extreme.
She then told me all the other things that could be wrong with me. That was fun.Apparently Grave’s can cause low bone density. (all endocrine system disorders can)So she ordered a bone density scan-worried about the stress fracture I had last year.

I have to get more blood work done-just to check for a few other things the Doc is worried about.
The good news is – I am coming back!I should be back to normal with in a few weeks.I have ran TWICE this week.It felt good and can’t wait until it feels GREAT again.
One more thing. My doctor told me what a lot of doctors tell people:
Running causes BONE LOSS.
She didn’t come out and say it- but I felt like she was saying running is BAD.
Has your doctor told you that? Do you believe this is true? As a runner, do you take extra calcium to prevent this?
I have always taken calcium just because-especially now because I don’t eat much dairy anymore. 
I don’t plan on NOT running-so cross your fingers for me and my bone density!