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The missed marathon…

Yesterday was the marathon that I was supposed to do…but couldn’t. A few days before the race, I started to feel really sad that I could not run it :(. Missing a race really sucks.
Instead, I went and volunteered.

I wore the race shirt even though I didn’t run the race.I am that girl. (They didn’t have volunteer shirts).
 After helping to set up the finish line stuff,I was then the girl handing out medals…

which has to be one of the best jobs a volunteer can have at a race. Cheering everyone as they cross and putting their medal on them. So much fun!
This was the very first year for this raceand I would say that it wasn’t super organized.It was a steep downhill for the first bit, then a wholelot of winding through the town/neighborhood. A lot of runners said the course wasn’t well marked-a few runners ran far of course before finding their way back.
It was inexpensive for a marathon – so I told my friend “hey, let’s do this one!”
Well, she did it and I did not :). She did NOT love it and would not do it again. (Unless maybe they changed the course route)It was a challenging, rough course with little traffic control.
BUT- she was totally the 3rd woman overall!

 Even though it sucked, she definitely rocked it! She is an amazing marathon running superwoman!I loved being there to cheer her on as she crossed the finish line :).
I enjoyed volunteering- but I am no longer sad that I couldn’t run the race!I doubt I will sign up next year.