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Arm movement and forward running…

You may recall that I have been trying out a pair of Karhu Fulcrum Ride Flow running shoes.

 Karhu also gave me a series of Forward Running videosaimed at helping become a more efficient runner. 
They are very interesting and I have found quite a fewways that I could improve my running form. (I’ve got some work to do!)
Today I am going to focus on Arm Movement.
Be prepared- there are 2 videos of me running after this one. Here is the video from Karhu:

I really love this video- short and to the point,
AND it gives pointers on how to improve!
So… I headed out for an early morning run today in my Karhu’s.I did 3 miles with the husband.He is doing awesome so far with his Half Marathon training! He completed his first full week and off to a good start on the 2nd.
I then went and did 5 more miles and felt amazing! My thyroid is definitely regulating and I am feelingmore and more “normal” everyday (but was I ever normal?).
After I got back, I grabbed the husband before he left for work. (He loved it- who needs to be at work on time anyway?)
I had him video me running out and backon a walking path right by our house.

I realize now that I was too far away from him.

So- my arm movement could use some work.
I hold my elbows way too far out-
kind of like I am a crazy running chicken trying to take flight.
(side note:  I don’t love watching myself run)

Since I am getting back to running again,
this is a great time to work on my form.
I’m excited (and a little scared) to share the rest of the videos!
Y’all shall see every way that I need to improve :).
**I was sent a pair of Karhu Fulcrum Ride running shoes to review,free of charge.  All reviews and opinions are my own.Shoe review Info:
RUNNING SHOES: Flow_Fulcrum Ride
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