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New marathon to ease the pain…

I may be suffering from missed marathon(s) depression.(I may have made up this affliction.)
The only real symptoms are:

  • Feeling sad about missing a race or races.
  • Randomly signing up for a marathon in July to ease the pain 😉

Oh yes, I registered for the Deseret News Marathon. July 24th.

2 months from today.
It’s supposed to be a little brutal-with some extreme downhill the first 5 miles… then a few good uphill climbs. Plus, it’s in JULY,so it could possibly get pretty warm towards the end. It starts at 5:30am, so that will help with the temps.I think it will be great prep for St. George, though. 
I am really excited about it-so excited that I have yet to REALLY ask myselfwhether I can be ready by then.I am an impulse race register-er. I need help. 
If you or anyone you know has done this race,please tell me about your/their experience.I couldn’t find a lot of reviews,so I don’t really know what I have gotten myself in to. 🙂
Happy Thursday-from our silliness to yours!