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Long run and kids doing burpees…

I hope y’all had a wonderful Memorial Day!
 For my day, I completed my first long run in a long time! After spending so long feeling NOT healthy-feeling good again is pretty dang fantastic.

12 miles, DONE-
so there it is.
I kinda wanted to do more…
but slow and steady is the way to go, so I hear.
The other night my 3 oldest kids said they wanted to exercise. That made me happy and you can’t pass up a request like that.

So I had them do some exercises-jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. It was very fun to watch.Little kids and jumping jacks is a good time.
I then convinced them that this here was an exercise:

It is actually quite the workout-but you probably won’t find it on any exercise DVD’s.
Watching them made me long for my childhood,when you could just go and go and go.
They wanted more-
So, I taught my kids how to do Burpees.

Their form may not be perfected yet-
but those kids are machines!
They probably did 30 of them each.
(the youngest was asleep- too bad, because that would have been fun to watch)
(the other girl was too busy for us)

I have a video of me doing it with them.
Yeah- that video ain’t going on this here blog :).

We may have to make this nightly exercise routine a habit.

**I swear they wanted to do this.  No children were forced into exercising against their will 🙂 **