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14 miles, the husband and a huge mistake…

oh my goodness, I am LOVING that I can run again.I may be taking it too far, too soon-but I just can’t help myself.

 My speed isn’t back to where it was,I don’t care so much about that and am happy with what I did.It’s not about how fast I go- just that I am going! 
So there’s that.
Regarding the husband’s training-he is doing AH-mazing.3 weeks of half-marathon training done AND He completed a 5 mile long run today!

 This particular picture is from Memorial Day. He did a 3 mile run with our 2 oldest. They had a 5k Fun Run at school this week and they wanted to “train”. There was a 1k and 5k option-they both chose to do the 5k.
Oldest boy child made it to just under a mile of their “training run”…when he said: “I think signing up for the 5k was a HUGE mistake”
Yeah, that’s my boy. As I have shown before, oldest girl LOVES running.It comes naturally to her. Not so much for oldest boy. He tends to be an indoor sort of child.
Luckily a friend of mine was heading up the Fun Run-so she was able to switch him over to the 1k. Crisis averted.