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Get up and go…

Happy National Running Day!

Not that I should need a day specifically meant for running-but it really did make me want to get up and run this morning!
10 miles, all done! It felt great and invigorating… preparing me for all the laundry I get to do today :).

I keep saying this these days,
but I really am SO happy that I can run (again).

 It keeps me healthy and happy.
I believe that running makes me a better person
as well as a better wife and mother.
Running helps me relieve stress and gives me goals to accomplish.
Running gives me something that is just for ME-
something I accomplish for me- for myself.
I think it also makes my family stronger, happier, healthier
and shows them that exercise can be fun.

Plus, it gives me fun things to shop for.
(I actually don’t love shopping- except for running stuff!)

Did y’all get out and celebrate with a run today??