Moms Gone Running Uncategorized A return to blogging…

A return to blogging…

I suppose it’s time for me to blog again! Can’t believe it’s been a week.
Lots o’ things have been going on around our house. My brother, SIL and their family are in town from Oregon,which has been so much fun! We have been busy, busy doing things with themand soaking up all of our cousin time…

 More on those adventures to come!
Literally HOURS before the cousins arrived,our little B-man decided to run his face into something hard and sharp:

 Leaving a small gash/hole that required one stitch under the skinand 3 stitches on the outside- it was a good time. He really handled the whole thing very well- such a brave boy!

 He will have a very macho manly scar for a while.
On the running front-I did 16 miles on Monday!

 I tried to take it easy, since I don’t want to push it too hard too soon.(I have no real time goals for my upcoming marathon, just want to finish happy!)
Still, I went faster than I planned because I felt really good the whole time.(It helped that I did a mostly flat/downhill route with only a few hills.)I felt like I could do more, but stopped myself… because of the whole not pushing too hard too soon thing.
The marathon is only 6 weeks away now! This run made me feel a little more confident… that it won’t be completely awful :). That it could even be really good!
Oh, I hope.