Moms Gone Running Uncategorized Nothing better than finishing a hard run…

Nothing better than finishing a hard run…

It wasn’t the worst run ever.It certainly wasn’t the best.
I was hoping yesterday’s 18 milerwould be more like the 16 miler I did last week(ish). That run was wonderful.The 18 miles- not so much.
It was 72 degrees when I started… at 5am. It just kept getting warmer as the sun came up.(I know many of you run in MUCH warmer weather-but I am so not used to it and my body doesn’t handle it well yet!) Then there was that WIND. Goodness, I hate wind. I had to run INTO that wind for the last 5 miles straight- just amazing planning on my part ;). 
Finishing this run was simply wonderful. SO happy to see that distance click over to 18.

I know it was actually good for me to run in warmer weather…considering that my upcoming marathon is on July 24th! Good training to be able to handle the heat.
Then I rewarded myself by taking my kids to the water park.

Kind of the same as an ice bath, right? 😉
On a side note-the water park gets more relaxing the older my children get. I can join them on slides, pools, etc…or hang out on the side and watch them in the kids area.

 I could live at this place… and I plan to for the next 2.5 months. Thank you, summertime.