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Not slowing down and surgery…

I really thought that once summer came around,things would calm down and sloooow down.
I was not correct :). Turns out life may not slow down for us ever again! Swimming, basketball, dance/tumbling, playing and more.It’s all going on.

That and me still training for the marathon… which is less than a month away!
Then there are the medical things.
This little princess here…

She has to have surgery on Tuesday. We found out that she has kidney reflux (Vesicoureteral reflux) and it has already damaged part of one kidney.
(she is not in any pain- one reason we didn’t catch it sooner!)
 So surgery it is – bilateral ureteral reimplantation. (Something like that.)Average hospital stay is 2 nights, up to 4.
I am really hoping to defy the odds on this one.
So 4th child, youngest girl… she and I will be spending 4th of Julyin the hospital. We know how to party.
I will update on her progress, but please keep her in your thoughtsas we hope for a quick recovery!